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Our Balaji Lawyer provides the best legal advice for all the divorce case in Coimbatore. Our Lawyer is the expert divorce Lawyer in Coimbatore. We provide the legal advices through any mode i.e., call, whatsapp, skype and email etc.

India is a secular country. People of India belong to different religions and faiths and have different personal laws pertaining to marriage, adoption, guardianship, divorce, succession and so on. The different religious communities that exist in India i.e. Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Parsees have different religious and social faiths and thus the family laws in India differ from one religion to another.


If husband go for divorce contact our lawyer for the formalities.

If wife go for divorce in Coimbatore contact our lawyer for knowing the step by step process.

If wife’s in India and the husband is in abroad (or) foreign countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Newzeland, Germany etc.,

You may contact our divorce lawyer in Coimbatore through skype, whatsapp and email also. Our Lawyer is ready to help you on all the process until you are relieve from your problem.

For your child care (or) custody, our family lawyer in Coimbatore will suggest a peaceful and acceptable solution according to your wish and based on the nature of yout circumstances and situation.

Our Family Lawyer in Coimbatore is well expert in Hindu marriage act, minorities like Christians marriage and Muslims marriage.

Some common question related with divorce and family problem i.e., dowry arrest is listed here

You may get all the answers through just a phone call with our Family Lawyer in Coimbatore at anytime +91 9787552534.

How does the family court process take?

The all the family cases usually takes the 6 months based on the type of cases. A section 7 generally takes the 3 months and goes depth than the s2.

I am getting divorced. Do I need an attorney?

You should need the lawyer to consult about your divorce. The lawyer will protect your rights and also your child.

How can I find the best Family Lawyer in Coimbatore?

One of the best ways for finding the best lawyer in Coimbatore is via referral from other family members, friends or colleagues. Our balaji layer is the best family lawyer in Coimbatore, you can contact him @ +91 9787552534 and visit him website www.balajilawyer.com.

Where can I file my divorce case in Coimbatore?

You can file your divorce case at Coimbatore family court

  • Your marriage place
  • Your last resided with your spouse
  • Your spouse is residing at the time of filling for divorce.

You can file your divorce case, as per your convenience.

What is mutual consent divorce?

If the husband and wife both agree on all the terms and conditions of divorce i.e., maintenance of wife and children, custody of any children, division of dept and separation of joint property. The court does not decide the terms and conditions of the divorce, the husband and wife go and go it. It is recommend to go in for a mutual consent divorce and it takes very less time and the simple procedure.

What will it cost to file my divorce case at family court in Coimbatore?

The different types of files are there in the family court. The cost may vary based on the case and type of document.

 How long will it take my divorce case to finish?

Based on the type of case, the time may vary. If you and the opposite party agree for the divorce, the case may quickly finish. But, if your opposite party says not agree it may take more time.

How can I find my court date?

You can find your court date on online when hearings are scheduled. Otherwise you can get the information from your legal advisor.

What can I do when my husband/wife is not willing to give me divorce?

 In such a case you must file your divorce case at district family court. This situation happens when the husband (or) wife not agrees to get the divorce. This type of divorce case may take 3 to 5 years.

If the husband and wife come under different religion, what are the procedures to get the divorce?

This type of case comes under special marriage act. To get the divorce under this act, your must file your divorce case in the district family court.

FAQs Divorce Lawyer in Coimbatore

Where can I file the divorce petition?

If any partner is not willing to live together they can file the divorce petition in family court of their city. For example if the partners lived together in Coimbatore for the last time they can file the divorce petition in Coimbatore and with the help of divorce lawyer in Coimbatore or family lawyer in Coimbatore.

How can I file divorce petition by mutual consent? And what happens in the court?

When the two parties are filed the divorce form in the family court. After the petition are recorded in the court in the statement of both the parties. The court generally gives the 6 months period of time for further understanding.

After the six months the two parties have to present in the court again for making the second confirmation of the mutual consent. Only after the second motion the divorce is granted by the court. It is always advisable to go with divorce lawyer in Coimbatore or near your region.

What happens when my wife withdraw the mutual consent petition after filing in the court?

In the duration of six month period of time, your petition is pending in the court when your wife is willing to withdraw the mutual consent by filing an application before the court stating she does not wise to file divorce by mutual consent.

In this situation, the court will always suggest no divorce for both the parties. For further move for the husband is to go with a divorce lawyer in Coimbatore or your city.

Can I remarry after divorce?

After the expiry of the three months from the date of decree if no notice of appeal is received by the opposite party, then you can remarry the other person. Advisable to consult with divorce lawyer in Coimbatore or in your city.

How to file divorce online?

Find a best and expert divorce lawyer online, first search for the divorce lawyer in Coimbatore and family lawyer in Coimbatore for your case in your city. Because divorce proceedings are a little complex, you can’t contest it on your own or get free legal aid. If you are serious or emergency better get a divorce advocate individually.

Always give the best version of your story based on the real facts and evidence that you can provide later on. Be clear and study on your divorce and collect all the evidence possible.

When your case gets filed, court case notice is given to both the parties. He/she appears and a give reply to your divorce application. Both will collect evidence with a witness and the opposite lawyer will cross examine them to get the truth. Consolidating the witness and verify your case, the judge will give you the judgement soon. If you have any discrepancy you can appeal in High court. Better to get advice or consult with divorce lawyer in Coimbatore or in your city.

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